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Learn More About Pete Stark, 39-year Democrat Incumbent for the 15th Congressional District.

Do you live in CA’s new 15th District? Democrat Congressman Pete Stark may be your representative now, but will be the "incumbent" in the 2012 election cycle.  It’s now time to vote him out of office!

The TRUTH about Pete Stark:

  • Pete Stark's primary residence is located in the State of Maryland. Full Story

  • Pete Stark continuously mocks and degrades constituents. Watch Video

  • Pete Stark believes the Federal Government can do almost anything in this country. Watch Video

Pete Stark should have been voted out of office years ago! We cannot allow this congressman to continually mock and degrade his constituents. 

It’s time to take a stand NOW!!!

Below is a compilation of videos of our 15th District Representative on the issues:

Full debate where Pete Stark accuses Eric Swalwell of taking bribes

Solyndra is a car manufcturing company?

Pete falsely accuses Debra Saunders of contributing to Eric Swalwell

"The Federal Government can do almost anything in this country." - Congressman Pete Stark


"I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg." - Congressman Pete Stark


"Atheist and bullying soldier hater" - Congressman Pete Stark


"The borders are quite secure." Congressman Pete Stark's town hall meeting in Fremont, CA.


"Stricter border enforcement causes more illegal residents." - Congressman Pete Stark


"A derogatory statement about Citizens who strive for "LEGAL" immigration in America" - Congressman Pete Stark


Congressman Pete Stark facing angry Constituents - Congressman Stark in 2010 believes the Republicans have too much power!


Universal Health Care - Congressman Pete Stark


Congressman Pete Stark blowing up over National Debt


Pete Stark must go! Restore respect to the constituents of District 15! Vote for Chris Pareja for United States Representative this November 6th, 2012.

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