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I Need Volunteers Who Want to Make History

Are you tired of watching on the sidelines as career-politicians continue their spending sprees? Do you feel like something should be done, but wonder how you can make a difference?

It is difficult to make a difference by yourself, but if you want to join a team that can collectively make history, I could use your help.

I need a lot of different skills in order to increase the likelihood that I can “Unseat Pete” in November 2012. Campaign laws require that some of the volunteers live in California’s 15th Congressional District (CD-15). But some of the help I need can come from volunteers who live anywhere.

It is said that a good volunteer can offset the need to raise $5000-7000. So, I know how valuable your help can be.

If you want to help make history and prove that “the people” are ready to change the political status quo, please consider helping in one or more of these areas:

  • Association outreach

  • Marketing and PR-related skills

  • Outreach: Canvassing neighborhoods, making calls, street fairs, etc.

  • Translators

  • Photography and video

I appreciate your consideration and hope we can work together.

Email me at if you would like more information.


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