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Signatures are Needed to Beat Pete Stark

Are you tired of the Democrat/Republican grid lock in Washington, DC?  If we can get an Independent elected in Congress, it will send a message to career party politicians that the people want access to and control of their representatives.

In order to even be allowed to compete, though, I need at least 9500 signatures by August 6th to get on the ballot in November 2010 (versus 40 signatures and $1750 needed by Democrats and Republicans to enter the primary election.) These signatures don't mean a person has to vote for me, but each signature puts me one closer to getting on the November ballot. Collecting all of the signatures is achievable, but I need your help.

Please sign and/or circulate the petition

You can download and print a petition here.

It is important to note that anyone signing or circulating the petition needs to be registered to vote in the 13th Congressional District.

If you use the downloaded file, it needs to be printed on one sheet of paper - front and back.  You can sign it as a voter, and can also sign the back as a circulator.

It holds up to 10 signatures. If you ciculate the petition or are the only signature on the front, please complete the circulator certification.  (Your info would be filled in along with the county of "Alameda", my name: "Chris Pareja", "House of Representatives" and the dates the signatures were collected in the appropriate blanks.)

Email me at if you would prefer I drop off an original (or several of them.)

You can send completed petitions to:

Chris Pareja
4847 Hopyard Road
PO Box 4121
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Thanks for your time and help!

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